More reasons to prevent plastic waste from entering our waters

A fish caught with a beverage ring around its belly in Lake Ontario PHOTO Jim Bodenstab via 5Gyres Newsletter.

Photo of basking shark with plastic ring around her nose. Credit: Craig Whalley via blog

And why we should all be participating in beach clean ups…on our own, or through regularly scheduled clean up efforts by organizations like Save Our Shores (for Santa Cruz and Monterey County, California beaches).

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It seems an insurmountable task, when we use plastics for….well… just about everything!

Unfortunately, we currently recover only about 5% of the plastics we produce, so we have to decrease — and better yet — eliminate as much plastics as we can from our daily activities.

We can do this!

Visit and take the Plastic Promise: 

I promise to:

  • Bring my own water bottle, mug, utensils and reusable bag.

  • Say ‘No Plastic Straw Please” when I dine out.

  • Buy what’s in the least amount of plastic packaging.

  • Pick up 5 pieces of plastic pollution I see littered whenever I’m out.

  • Engage family, businesses and co-workers to make this promise too.

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2 thoughts on “More reasons to prevent plastic waste from entering our waters

  1. Plastic is disgusting. In Norway they use plastic bags for everything, as an oil producing nation they all love the stuff. They love to pretend that they’re an environmental friendly nation: to decortate their environmetal statistics they buy “co2 quotes” from third world countries (the poor countries pollute less and Norway can pollute more by giving the poor coiuntries some cash).
    The Norwegians also drive their cars to work, to the shop and everywhere else, while they are busy caring about the environment.

    • I think most people outside of Europe do not know that the source of Norway’s wealth is oil. It is no excuse though — with what we know about plastics pollution and the mess it has created on the planet.

      Fact is fact. The more I know, the more compelled I am to DO SOMETHING about eliminating plastics trash, and most especially to prevent these items from entering our waterways.

      What is happening to our oceans is deplorable. We made the mess, and we must now work our way out of the mess.

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