An (Extra)ordinary dog and ordinary objects for the (Extra)ordinary Photo Challenge

For this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, host Cheri Lucas asks us to keep our eyes open and to look for beauty or interestingness where we least expect it.

I’ve taken more close-up photos recently, and I think these ordinary scenes fit the theme, perhaps looking more extra-ordinary when observed up close.

From our Australian Shepherd dog — now 15, who allows me to get up close to him and admire the color and texture of his fur.  In his younger days, he would have been restless and playful, making him hard to photograph, unless he was asleep of course…



To ordinary brush bristles…



Dying pine needles, bark and tar…



And more ordinary objects like an old, peeling yard dust pan handle with this odd image…



I suppose anything can be (extra)ordinary if we stop and observe, and appreciate.

And maybe my sadness, knowing that our dog’s time with us is nearing an end, reflects the mood of the other photos for this post.

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Related: A post about how we name our dogs. featuring Mr. Aussie Dog, photographed below in his younger days with my first-born grandson, Jun.

Grandson Jun with Tucker

Grandson Jun with Tucker

12 thoughts on “An (Extra)ordinary dog and ordinary objects for the (Extra)ordinary Photo Challenge

    • Thank you, Maria. It is sad…

      I do understand too with your situation. With such a major move for you and the Chef, it seems cruel to to take an older dog to a whole new environment. Will yours be with other family members and friends when you move?

      • This is the saddest part. Our dog has special needs now and my siblings have young families and are so busy they don’t have the time to take care of him. It’s a shame because all of the their kids grew up with our dog. We’ll have to bring him back to the breeder. 🙁

  1. Love your pictures, and I’m sorry about Tucker. I know it can be hard to lose a dog especially when you see it coming. But you still have all the beautiful things to remember with him or them 🙂

    • Thank you, Hanni, and for your kind words.

      It is odd to begin to think of him in a past tense already, but yes, he is a sweetheart, and his antics and personality will always be remembered by our family.

  2. Oh…your dog looks so sweet…how wonderful that you have him in your life. I can see how he’s been woven into your family’s history.

    I don’t often think about doing extreme close-ups with my camera, but you are inspiring me…

    • Thank you, Jane — I just started with the closer up photos, and it is actually producing interesting images. I think you will have fun with it.

      Yes, Tucker is a part of many stories, including a funny one when my mom was visiting from the Philippines. You may appreciate with your sense of humor.

      He got out of the fence and ran down the street several times while she was here. He was a little baddie with her and not listen so she would yell “Oy! Oy! *ucker! *ucker! Si *ucker, nakawala! (Tucker got out!) Oy, oy *ucker! Come back!”.

      For some reason, she would confuse his name and thought it started with an “F” 🙂

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