A GDP, Rich Nations Per Capita Income Quiz

There is a lot of interesting information on the World Bank’s Countries and Economies section — which I visited for my blog post on Plastic, A Toxic Love Story.  The most glaring being the income disparity between countries.

Here is a little quiz for you….with the answers at the bottom of this post.  Data is in US Dollars and from 2010 unless noted otherwise.

  1. Can you guess the 3 countries that have the highest incomes (over $100,000 per capita) in the world?
  2. Name the top 5 by per capita income countries in Europe.  And oh…not counting the answers to question #1 –which makes this a clue to the answer to #1…highest income countries are all in Europe.
  3. The top 5 by per capita income countries in Asia?
  4. The top 5 by per capita income countries in the Middle East?
  5. The Caribbean country with a per capita income of over $88,000?


  1. Monaco ($186,175 for 2009, population 32,904), Liechtenstein ($134,392 for 2009, population 36,190), Luxembourg ($108,747, population 506,640)
  2. Norway ($84,880, population 4,882,930), Switzerland ($67,236, population 7,790,010), Denmark ($55,778, population 5,565,020), Sweden ($48,754, population 9,394,130), Netherlands ($47,130, population 16,622,560)
  3. Singapore ($43,324, population 5,140,300) Japan ($43,161, population UN Data 127,450,459), Australia ($42,279 for 2009, population 22,327,200), Hong Kong SAR, China ($31,877, population 7,041,270), New Zealand ($29,352 for 2009, population 4,370,700)
  4. Qatar ($69,754 for 2009, population 1,508,322), Kuwait ($54,260 for 2008, population 2,863,00), United Arab Emirates ($50,070 for 2009, population 4,707,307), Israel ($28,683, population 7,577,000), Bahrain ($26,021 for 2009, population 807,131).
  5. Bermuda ($88,747 for 2009, population 64,600)

Note:  The World Bank Website defines per capita as the “gross domestic product divided by mid year population. GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. It is calculated without making deductions for depreciation of fabricated assets or for depletion and degradation of natural resources.

The World Bank tag line is: Working for a World Free of Poverty.

Next time, GDP, Per Capita Income Quiz, at the other end of the spectrum.

Did any of the quiz answers surprise you?  Let me know.

Lola Jane


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