Why the China communist party ban on extravagant banquets may save some sharks from extinction

Each year, millions of sharks are killed just for their fins, a practice called shark finning.  The fins — the most profitable part of the shark — are removed and the shark is returned to the sea alive, and eventually … Continue reading

What is “Shark Week” anyway?

In case you missed it, 2015 Shark Week officially started last Sunday, July 5th. The week-long programming event was started by Discovery Channel in July, 1988.  The intention then was to raise awareness and respect for sharks, though now, it … Continue reading

My encounter with a (not so scary) California snake

I’m sure my intense fear of snakes stems from an  encounter with a huge snake when I was around 5 years old. We lived near a rice field in the province of Bulacan (Luzon island in the Philippines). While I … Continue reading

Biggest and Smallest Shark

I’ve posted several articles about sharks on my blog — originally because of my irrational fear of sharks.  When I think of sharks, I usually think of BIG sharks…like the 4,000 lb shark tagged in 1990′s off Santa Cruz county … Continue reading

Geek news to shark tracking? There’s an app for that!

It seems that there really is an app for everything. Over the weekend, I found out — from a nice young techno wiz of course — about Appy Geek, an app that lets techno geeks track all the latest news from … Continue reading

The man-eater label: Shark attack or a shark encounter?

Sharks have an image problem. It’s the way they look really….and what about all the attacks we seem to hear about during summer? Or just maybe…this image problem is rooted in what we call sharks, you know, man-eater, or our … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Pacific – King Salmon)

The theme for this week’s photo challenge at the The Daily Post at WordPress.com is Inside.  From Sara Rosso… Inside. I like to snap multiple views of something and often the inside of something is even more interesting than the outside. … Continue reading

U.S. Coast: Comparison of shark attacks vs. number of lightning fatalities

Over the last few years, there have been shark attacks off a California state-run beach near where we live.  The most recent attack involved a 27-year-old surfer, in October of last year. Thankfully, the attacks were not fatal. Of course … Continue reading

4,000 lb shark tagged in 1990’s off Santa Cruz county caught in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez

I am terrified of sharks…and if you were a teenager in the 1970’s and saw the movie “Jaws”, you would be too. I nearly fell out of the theater chair during a nighttime scene in the movie, when that (already … Continue reading